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This was super fun! The push-pull mechanics aren't something I've seen before, and it was delightful climbing the learning curve on them - and the music and graphics and animation are all delightful. :D

A couple quick playtest notes, things I noticed:

  • I knew from seeing samples of the art and gameplay on the fediverse that the player could choose between light and dark fur for the Princess Farmer, but it wasn't until several days into the game that I finally noticed the instruction in the upper right corner about pressing X to switch. The other instructions were on a panel and that one wasn't.
  • The animation for collecting vegetables doesn't play in the cave when you form a line with the very last move - the only hint I had that they counted was it counting towards the unlock.

Those are definitely small things, though - I played through for an hour or so unlocking everything in the beta and had a delightful time. <3


thank you so much! So happy to hear people are actually taking the time to finish everything in the demo gosh. 

The colour swap is hard to spot for sure. Most of the title screen is us smashing too much info into one screen tbh. In the real game we would have a TOTALLY different flow to hopefully deal with how much you're just kind of tossed into the thick of it and need to figure out things on your own. 

(for what it's worth we randomize what colour you are when you start up the game)

And oh! That's a good catch in that cave level. We have totally different rules there so the veggie animation on the last match probably doesn't fit that criteria and won't trigger (but WILL count)

Thank you so much!! <3


Heads-up: I might have found another bug? I played a round through the game on mute b/c I was listening to some other music and on stages II and III, it seemed to forget it was muted? I had to push M twice to remute it.

Thanks again for making this!


oh another one, thank you!