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 Hello, first of all, we are really happy you took the time to try it, and you enjoyed it on the overall ! For the « back » option, it’s actually the arrow near menu. Maybe some kind of tutorial would be a great idea indeed, we will keep that in mind ! (However, not sure it will be ready for the 1.7 demo, it requires more work than it seems.) In the other hand, the auto button was purely missing, it will be corrected really soon ^^

About the writting, don’t worry, we don’t take offense at all. We asked for feedback and so we are ready for honest criticism, I – as a writer – actually really appreciate you took the time to do it. It’s the first time I write for a visual novel, it’s not quite the same than regular novel or roleplay I usually do. (Plus, english version is a translation, and even if our traductor make a truly amazing job, it’s always more difficult to transliterate, than to write.) So I am very humble about it, and perfecly aware there is still room for improvment, it’s just I never had someone to explain me concretely : « ok, this is wrong and I will tell you why ». For example, I trust you when you say sometime it feels a bit « amateurish », or the abruptness, but I can’t see what was wrong, so, I would really like if you could take the time to send an email with an example of something « off », I think it could help me to improve ! You can contact us from here : ^^

About the MC, we decide to let the player decide who she will be, so it’s true that she can feels a little « blank » sometimes, because, if we hate flavorless MC, it’s an oxymoron to make a MC with a strong personality and in the same time say « hey, you can choose her personality to your liking ! ». Since we still didn’t want her to be some hoepeless girl, she actually has two traits inherent : she is clever, and she is quite confident. We wanted her to be always strong, no matter the personality you decide to give her. Nonetheless, maybe we fail on the waking up scene to give you enough choices so you can really model her at your liking because we were to focused on exposition ? We will try to work on that (maybe on the 1.7 demo maybe just by being careful for the rest of the game.) But I do think about some choice in the extended version were you can definitely have a bold, mean or a funny MC, I don’t know if you will like her, but, at least, I can promised she will not be flavorless.

About the font, since we consider readability really important for the comfort of the gameplay, we will add an option to change the default font for a easier one (arial), or for OpenDyslexic. It will be release in the demo 1.7.

And finally, about the glossary for name, it’s planned, it will be in the « extra » menu currently in development because there will be a huge library, an interactive map, an interactive Chosen One constellation etc.

Aaaand I think we are done ! Thanks again to give us a chance, we hope to improve on the way, and you will like even more the extended demo to come and the full game !

Have a lovely day,

- Anoldor  team