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The reason it looks crisp is that the game is so graphically simple I can use all the left over computing power to crank up the MSAA as much as possible. Full credit to the guys at Valve who provided the Adaptive Quality Renderer!

Many games trade MSAA for more polygons or better lighting effects. I can understand why but I don't believe it's worth it at the moment with the low resolutions of current HMDs. In about 5 years I guess the tech will get better and jaggies will stop being such an issue. I can't wait to see what the VR industry will evolve into!

I don't think I'll burn out any time soon; I'm really enjoying myself! Next update is probably more than half way done!

Looking forward to that video!

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Here's my simple and quick video I made. I originally had an intro where I briefly talked about the game in detail but I accidentally deleted it off my camera and then I had to record the gameplay footage 3 times due to technical errors which sucks because my first recording might have been my best >_< Anyway, more exposure is always good even from an amateur YouTuber like myself!

Nice video! I really appreciate these videos and I learn something every time someone uploads one - I noticed the game is too hard for teleport players and too easy for artificial locomotion players because the A.I. is too dumb to hit a moving target. I think I'll add difficulty settings or change the enemy's aiming algorithm probably in the next update or the one after. Thanks for sharing and helping me make a better game! :D