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Jobs Here i delete the mods it says but i keep deleting and deleting and it ended up with no mods so what do i do

Hm, well i have two thoughts so far.

It could be the cache

Try deleting C:\Users\YourNameHere\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\localthumbcache.package 

And see if it works.

Nope nothing :/

Well another thing could be the language settings maybe? Try running the game in English if you haven't already.

I legit don't know what could be causing the issue, since it works on my machine and i can't replicate the error.

At best i could advice you to redownload the package and reinstall it.

Other than that i am running out of ideas too, sorry.

i will try that

Nothing :/

i give up , Thanks for the help tho

I am sorry to hear it didn't work, i really wish i could replicate the issue so i could debug it though.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention though. If it'll ever pop up again, i'll probably try different configurations to see if i could find a way to fix it or not.


sorry to  do another reply, but i just did an update and repackaged the files with a different program, maybe the cause of the corruption was the program itself.

Could you please try to download the new version and see if the problem still remains?

Thanks again!

Thank you!