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So I found this bug where if you lock a door when Baldi is right next to it he'll go through the door which got me slapped so many times.

There is also this other bug I found where whenever you hold down the space button and you try to use an item it doesn't actually work and it made me use the BSODA the wrong way round.


thats not a bug. its just logic. if you turn your head around your body still going forwards, and you throw it forwards. you just see it backwards

It's not supposed to be like that because in the other releases of the game including the latest version ( not the demo ) do work like that. So whenever you hold down the space button and use the bsoda, it works in that direction your facing even if you're holding down space but in the demo it is not like that so that's why it is called a bug and it doesn't really matter about the logic.


Thanks for reporting these bugs!

Np, hope you find a way to get them fixed soon.