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For change the game settings open the mugen.cfg file inside the data folder of the game, there you will find game settings to change.

An another System file of Mugen, is System.def, even this file can be opened like many others, with a notepad or a text editor, for change the game main settings.

yes I bought this and when i try to load it up click on it loads a white screen i leave it alone and three hours go by and still nothing shows up.any ideas.

Ok, try to change the video rendering from openGL to directx, but i don't guarantee you that will work, usually generates strange graphic glitches, often with the chars portarits.

However there are a plenty of possible solutions for your problem

you'll find the settings that you have to change inside the mugen.cfg file

open mugen.cfg with a text editor, and where is written ; " 

 ;Screen rendering mode.
 ;OpenGL - Experimental OpenGL renderer (recommended)
 ;System - default SDL rendering mode (e.g. windib in Windows)
 ;DirectX - DirectX 5 renderer
 ;System and DirectX modes do not support advanced features
 ;such as RGB sprites and window resizing.
RenderMode = OpenGL  ;<---- change this to DirectX

change render mode to directx. and save the file.

if that didn't work, do some tests trying a combination with this other option (always inside mugen.cfg) : 

  ;Set to 1 to free system.def data from memory whenever possible.
  ;This decreases memory usage, in exchange for loading time
  ;before system screens.
UnloadSystem = 0   


change " unload system" from 0 to 1.

if this didn't worked, try  all these tips :

1) Update you gpu drivers, check the minimum system requirements, and do some virus scans inside your pc,

i suggest you to do a general cleaning, because mugen takes something like 2 minutes to load itself,

even old machines, so if the game is slow or has some problems, do some upgrades to your pc and clean it.

2) clean your computer from the temporary files, cookies and trash,  for do that,  programs like Ccleaner can help you,

3) free your disk space, add some ram,  and try to click one time the blank space during the loading times of mugen

4) A big tip is to  start the game from the " launcher.exe" file, or from the 4v4 launcher (if there is it) instead of using mugen.exe.

5) clean your computer from viruses and malawares.

6) is coming a new update of the game, so in the next 20 hours from when  i started to write this post,  will be available for the download.

the new version is called " Beta 1.2",  and you'll see that very much is changed, new chars, new stability, new improvements and new game modes, graphic and filter, and much much more now has been bettered.


Nothing still do u know anything elese maybe

Redownload the game, i have updated it 10 minutes before writing what are you reading now :

it says it's the same file may u email me

still this game is not working for me it's just a white blank screen any ideas would love to play this.

Hey, i'm back ; have you solved the problem ?

i suggest you to update at the last opengl driver, you graphic card : install all the vcredist in order, to have all the microsoft visual c++ libraries.
A trick for fix the game, is to set the game to openGL render, put the unload system to 0 and execute the game from 4v4.exe

Tomorrow is coming a newer version of the game, but the changes will be very fews ; just a portrait fixed and new musics, nothing more nothing less.

Your problem, seems like referred to a ram loading process that takes too long ; the game works very good on newer ssd or hdd memory supports ; this game has a lot of problems with old or messy computers, with old drivers, old hard disks or old graphic cards.

Don't fool yourself ; this game seems like a old game with a poor graphic, it is'nt ; this game has the entire universe of mankind imagination inside itself, and is still not accomplished with all the characters, in fact, in future, i will upload it again.

The matter about the loading problems, is fixable without clicking nothing and letting the game to load properly ; i repeat myself ; this game has problems of loading with old computer, or messy systems.

It's a game very based on the memory of an hard drive and gpu, or better; ssd.

i will edit the minimum requirements.

Thank you for your patience, if the game still doesn't work on your system i can give you a refund if you want.

Bye !.

its not working still could you possible teamviewer  with me to set the thing to 0you are totally fine i

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