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Thank you so much for enjoying it!! You're right on the money- I'm extremely pleased that the Clue mansion + unique DR setting vibe reads! Thanks for liking the characters too- their silliness is the most fun aspect of this project!

I'm also super happy to have sparked some inspiration and I hope you can feel confident enough to put your own idea out to the world as well! For me it was just a matter of replaying the old games several times and simply just wanting more of this kind of thing in the world. Whatever your reason, keep it close to your heart to carry you through to fruition!

Stay tuned in for future installments- I'm glad to say that the entire story has been fully outlined, so now it's just a matter of writing all the little in-between stuff. :D

Thanks again ⭐

(I'm so glad the funyarinpa made it, haha. I'm trying to insert nods to my favorite games since they inspire me so much!)