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As Usual Two Minutes of Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Please read the tutorial instead of just clicking through it. Watching you play it was a little sad.

I think I have to make a gameplay trailer myself :D

I replaced my video I think this time a little better than before, please tell me.

It's a lot better than the first one, but still not how the game should be played :D
You have to build way more villagers to get the economy running. Each villager needs wood for fire and food for eating to surive. So you have to keep a balance between having wood cutters and farmers.
You can have 5 villagers at the start because you only have one house, but you can build more by clicking on the house symbol on the bottom (costs 50 of all resources). So at some point you also have to generate stones if you want to go for more houses.
Small starting tip: Build a house (so that you have 2) and build 6 farmers and 4 wood cutters and you will see how the game will play ;) Then try to max out your possible villager count.
I'm not expecting you to give it another try, but thank you for playing it ;) Really cool idea from you to provide gameplay footage for all the games ;)

Thank you so much!