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I had fun. I like making things. A couple of things were wonky, I still had fun. The gluing aspect I think needs to be tweaked a bit. I think would be cool in VR if you guys have the time for that. Maybe some power tools or if no power tools, maybe a continuous cut(like you get the saw in place, you lmb to get the saw started and then physically move the mouse up and down to cut through the wood). Different attachments for the circle cutting thing. That was the hardest for me to use. It would flop sideways but still looked like it was cutting through straight down. It's very thin and I know that irl that thing has several sizes to choose from making that aspect a bit easier. As I say in the video it would be cool to decorate the area you are making all of this, with what you make(i.e. birdhouse outside in a garden, chairs and tables inside the house.) Other than that I can't wait to see the final version of this. <3 Zombi

p.s. I'm sorry for my horrible birdhouse.