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"Long ago, In agrarian  societies, people would work ALL day to make food for their lord or king. Then, when Capital and industry became a thing, there were machines that people could use that made the job faster and easier, thus freeing up more time for other stuff. That is how time is a scarce resource because there are always things we can do to maximize how we use our time."

this is absolutely untrue. capital increased work times - especially by subsuming leisure activities into the economic sphere. a bevy of researched work exists on the topic. the go-to, is, of course, Shor:

machines have freed us from work so that we could do more work, not more leisurely activities.


You are so right... Life is SOOO hard. OMG. It MUST have been an arduous undertaking for you to message me on your slave-making, decadent smartphone. There is just NO way our quality of life has gotten better because of Capitalism. I mean look at how terrible the last two hundred and fifty or so years have been, despite them being WAY better than the hundreds and thousands of years prior. 

But you are SOOO right...

How simple are you? How naive are you? How privileged and thankless can you possibly be? 

If you believe that Capitalism is the worst, I DARE you to give up everything it has provided, start from scratch, and attempt to achieve what you currently and foolishly take for granted, with anything except Capitalism.

Good Luck.

i'm confused. you indicate you have some knowledge of the slave labour that goes into producing smart phones (coltan/cobalt mining in the DRC, factory assembly towns in China) while... lauding capitalism for advances in the "quality of life"?... i don't see how the retention of slavery - or rather worse, it's proliferation - under capitalism does anything but prove my point.

in any case, you seem to have ignored my very specific rebuttal for an emotional rant devoid of substance. i shouldn't indulge such behaviour, but the answer to your challenge is simple: i would happily give up my cell phone if it meant that the slavery necessary within capitalism would cease. would you? but that's not exactly how social relations work. to borrow your own question, how naive are you? 

anyway, enjoy the twilight years of humanity as capitalists burn the amazon and the ice caps and doom us all in the name of your most wonderful economic system. i hope that new starbucks opening downtown was worth it.

god, i hope someday this guy realizes that you can't just tell people to go live in the woods because our economic system has problems

the Two Poles of Critique