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Aww thank you! I do have a patreon but I might pause it for a bit. I’m really really slow and it seems like I’m doomed to forever be 4 months between releases :( 

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Yeah, ive just found it and your twitter too, instant follow. BTW it's OK, life is stressful. I want to tell you that in my husbandos preference list, that demon lion is 6th among 40 other characters. I love how you developed him. Fangirl time is over, please don't give up


this dude/chicks right dont be sad if it takes a while your doing a lot and life is very hard. finding balance between coding and drawing or however you make this awesome game is prolly really difficult so taking your time is a good thing! means you stay stabilitized and we dont lose an amazing creator!

Thank you *hugs* your warm words are very appreciated :)


*hugs back* the frozen blizzards of antartica couldnt freeze the kindness ill show!