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This the first game that I've ever launched, and while I don't see it winning any awards I'm proud of myself for putting in the work to finish a project, spend some cycles on polish and quality, and then finally put it out there!  I'm proud of you too!!! Game looks fun and great  Congrats!!!

Thanks to all of the folks who supported me through this - friends, family, my partner, and the awesome Boston gamedev community. Did you write my partner  - Really???????  And I'm here - Hello - many miles away 

Regardless, help me solve this:


Just converts the int values to float and breaks the dataflow runs - I simply can't figure, have been trying to solve this like few days and running out of ideas on how to solve this.  I don't know the co-sequences if I can't solve this? In certain data combination this is happening, is my observation. And whatever root cause is, I've to solve this - It is failing with this error:

field nameofTheFieldHere: LongType can not accept object 10.0 in type <class 'float'>

It is similar issue what's reported here: , which  has no answer either and I tried like 100s of permutation,  combinations to solve this but no success in it yet and I don't even have a  husband, partner or even a boyfriend or a friend to support me in any way yet. And I understand life is roller-coaster ride, ups and downs are part of life, and so, all I want is  a life-partner - who is with me in my life journey in all these situations. I'm still waiting for the one - who helped me and supported me - always - for the time which we had together - that someone special to show-up, to whom I still love and pray everyday to be with him happily-ever-after way in this life only. Oh Dear God- please shower your grace on me - Make me unite with him, my one and only, you can do everything and nothing is impossible for you Amen.