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I have some plans on making it easier to share games once PV8 is more stable. That being said, you should join the Discord server since it's a bit easier to communicate and there is a good group of people on there helping  give feedback and sharing their work.

So there are save slots, each game has its own set of save slots. When you save a game disk it's saved to to a saves.json file. When you share a disk with someone else, they get your saved games too. I think I fixed the bug with SaveDemo and it should be working correctly in the next release. Finally, there are line drawing APIs but it's not very well documented. You can call NewCanvas(width, height) and then draw into that. It's hard to explain here but happy to help over discord and I'll be updating the docs.

Can you explain a little more about "you save a game disk"? It seems like WriteSaveData is more akin to JS cookies, that is, not terribly useful for saving multiple distinct savestates (unless you put slot number as a prefix for your keys).

Sorry, missed this. Discord is the best way to get quicker responses. In sort, WriteSaveData will add whatever you pass in to a file called saves.json in your game's folder. If you build a .pv8 disk from the workspace explorer menu, when you load that disk it will save the json file inside of that disk. When you share that disk with other people it will have the same save file in it like old game cartridges. I uses this in all the tools btw, that's how they retain state between sessions.

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