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I did hit a bug before I beat the game,  I show the bug in my video. If you'd like to see it.   The broom drug me into a corner after I had collected all 8 notebooks,  the corner had an elevator in it,  the elevator shut as it's supposed to, but it must have clipped into me as it happened because I was trapped in the corner after that.  Trying to move for several seconds as I watched Baldi close in on me,  ruining the run and dashing my hopes of a victory that time. 

Oh really???

Plz so us the video!!!


sure thing! 

it's in the first half of this video
Deleted post
Deleted post

watch my video!!! (WARNING: l'm greek so the l'm talking greek):

Oh man, I thought I had fixed this when I released the game... All the NPCs except Baldi disappear when you reach the third exit, and I realized that if Gotta Sweep despawned while you were being swept it wouldn't get rid of the slowdown effect.  I thought I had fixed this issue, but I guess not. I'm so sorry your run was ruined. I'll fix this though, thanks for reporting it.


no worries friend!  Hope my playthrough helps!