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I recently beat Downwell so naturally I had to give this a shot! It's a cute homage, I like how you used the 3-color palette.

If I had to make a criticism (which hopefully will help because it sounds like you're developing it further!) I felt like I got the hang of it really quickly and difficult wasn't really increasing when I set my high score about 1200m. Are you going to give it different levels and a boss like Downwell? :)

I'm really split on adding bosses. Adding increasing difficulty is definitely something I'll be doing soon, and I have some ideas for bosses/endgame, but I also think the endless nature suits Upsquid. Either way, thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback :D

I write game critique pieces on my website every once in a while. I'm thinking if I have time soon I might compare this to Downwell to write about what makes roguelikes fun. I'll let you know :)

Sounds awesome! I look forward to it!