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Screw this fake-ass garden party!

I really dug this and looped through it many times.

5/5 stars in my book. Of course, the themes tackled here are right up my alley, and I greatly appreciate some of phoebe's influences cited here and the collage, sort of dada-inspired (?) art style.

Unfortunately the written component meant to accompany the game isn't up anymore. I'd love to read it, but the feature on re:bind is worth reading, too.

Ahh thank you! The art is definitely dada-inspired; another point of reference the Situationist idea of "detournement" (basically just a fancy word for collage, but they also have some cool ideas about its political implications).

Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that the link to the written component was broken! I've fixed it now. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing it now. If you do end up reading it, feel free to be in touch on twitter or email if you'd like to discuss any of the ideas I wrote about in it! I love to talk about this stuff. :)