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Ohhhh this. This! This is one of the coolest little RPG maker gems I've come across!

There are so many great little mechanics built into this, I love the interrogation system and the persuasion abilities, all mixed in with some good old classic box pushing puzzles and finding the right keys for the right doors. I was in retro heaven playing this!

The story is also amazing (kinda important for a mystery adventure game like this one!), the characters are all fantastic and feel so real, the suspense and tension is nearly impossible to bear and the subtle undercurrents of humour and horror are mixed in really nicely too.

Honestly, a lot of people write off games like this before they even try them and I think that's a darn shame because everyone puts their own unique little touch on games like this, and Lockheart Indigo is a real breath of fresh air =) give this game a try, you may just find yourself pleasantly surprised!

Keep up the awesome work dev, looking forward to seeing future updates! Right, back to the game I go!


Thank you so much!! I've seen your playthrough & I'm glad you've enjoyed the game! Feel free to post your following videos here. Cheers!


Ah, you're more than welcome! And thanks for the invitation to share some more of my playthrough here! I don't normally do that unless asked as I don't want to feel like I'm trying to self-promote too much, as it's more about the games than me! But I hope my vids help you to work on future updates and such (as well as provide some form of entertainment as well haha!) =)


My pleasure! Hope the rest of the playthrough goes well!

Oops, forgot to pop part 3 here... so here's two parts for the price of one! =D