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Heya. Did a run and found some extra things.

Mercy's Doublet has no icon next to it.

Floor 3 has one door that can't be opened (the right door you use the key to open. The left one works fine.)

Dancer's Clothes are unsaleable armor.

The text for when you get paralyzed is bugged. It reads "(Character Name)is Paralyzed" with no space between your name and is.

When zombies use that health steal ability, the player doesn't react like they would if it was a normal attack. No "being attacked" animation or sound.

The Corrupt Fairies found on floor 4 are horrendously underpowered. Level 8 warrior takes 1 damage with 50 defense from everything they fire.

Level 8 Warrior can easily beat the Lamia. Recommend upping its attack as it doesn't hit for 50-100 even. With 47 defense. A party of 2 would have no challenge at all.

The doors in the Inn on the top floor have 2 weird looking black lines above them that go into the ceiling. The bottom floor has something similar in the walls by the door with a solid gray line on both sides.

You can view all 3 of the windows the Inn has on the top floor from inside, but there are no windows visible on the bottom...what? I may have a small OCD issue...

Oh and there are roughly 18 wall collision bugs on floor 3. They all have this tile with nothing on it like a crack or skeleton.

The web to my right is able to be walked on, the one beside it isn't, the one beside that one is, and the one on the bridge wall is too. They all have these tiles. This lets you glitch past getting the key for the door btw.

The tower first floor where the bats are has it so you can walk on 4 of the 9 stools but not the other 5. They block you. 4th floor has the same tables and chairs and you can't walk on any there. The room with the altar also has 6 of them but all 6 can be walked on.

Next ones are typos that I wouldn't bother mentioning if it wasn't for the fact they are books and lore items.

Heros of the Tower Vol. 1 has a typo. It is "Heroes". There are other errors in the other books but not much point since they will change. Just figured I would let you know about this one typo in case it isn't fixed later on since it is the name.

Oh and the hospitol letting you leave at 1 hp and 0 ability is kind of...not making sense.

Thanks for these! I've put them in my notes, and I'll be fixing them with the other things that need fixing. I'm a little under the weather and all, and my other business is keeping me busy as well, but I should have an update with all, if not most, of the fixes present by around the end of the week.So please look forward to that. After I've hammered out all these bugs, I'll proceed on working on more content, as I know there isn't much at the moment.

Again, thank you for this, and your efforts to help make this game better.

Many thanks,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios.