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Hello everyone,

I appreciate all of your comments. 

It makes me happy to know that many of you relate to this game, even though it isn't on a happy level.

Many of you have said that this game expresses your own feelings. That makes me feel very good about having released this experience. 

I made this game hastily, without a particular goal in mind, and it has reached more people than I ever imagined it would.

It saddens me that depression is so rampant in our society. However, it gives me solace that all of you have expressed solidarity in this struggle.

My fight with depression and addiction is not over.

It will never be over.

Until I'm dead.

But as of today, I am not defeated.

Stay strong.

Someone loves you.

I love you.

- Michael

I love the game, I don't know if I ever had Depression but i could relate to it soo much.

 I just wanted to tell you, that you are a Beautiful Person, not only for creating this game but also because you have to go through all of that. 

No one should suffer and it makes me very sad that you and many People have Depression.

It will be over, and when the time comes you will be happy :) but to be happy you have to accept yourself.

You are loved too, you are strong too, YOU matter!

You will get through it, I believe in you and many more.

I love you and I want to thank you that you are here :)

Please, never give up. Because you deserve everything good.

I hope you have a blessed day.

BTW: I am sorry for my bad english.

And I have a Question :)

Was it Purpose that you can climb out of the Holes?

Hey An, I responded to your questions above :)