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This game greatly surpassed my expectations to be sure. It's pretty simple, yet very addictive and everything just works (did I just quote Todd Howard?). The concept of Dodo avenging its race is pretty silly but weirdly adorable at the same time and thanks to the upgrade system I just kept on playing just to get that sweet shotgun (which is awesome btw.). The controls work pretty nice too and need some time to get the hang of them, which is good, so the player doesn't immediately feel like the game's too easy. Just wish it was a bit longer, so I could upgrade my Dodo even more, but well, it's a jam game so it's understandable. 

Really good job and fun game!

Thanks. Unfortunately with the strict time limit I wasn't able to get silly guns like a reverse firing gun, rocket launger, grenade launcher, and other things. Maybe after the voting and judging period, I'll go back and do some fun things!