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Thank you once again, Mokais, and glad to see you like the changes thus far! My calculator was burnt out with how much math I had to do to balance some of these things. My poor calculator...

In either case, I'll be looking over a lot of these things. I'm currently working on balancing the JP and EXP imbalances as we speak, so that has been noted. So that should change with the next patch. Additionally, I'll go through the dungeons and see what else I can find, but will certainly look at these issues mentioned. The forest as well. Don't know why it's doing that, but shouldn't be too hard to fix...

As for the Trainer, Jobs, and Items, the Succubus Knight is the newest job, and easily needs the most work thus far, so I'll take these notes, and fix them next update. Hopefully. Some of these bugs can be hard to squash sometimes. Gonna have to get my Raid.

Now, one of the bigger issues; Character cosmetics. At the moment, as you know, I'm working with an artist to get some art into the game. However, trying to have so many variations of character designs puts a huge strain on them just with what we have at the moment. We're looking into adding more at this time, but any implementation of them would take place at a later date. Additionally, there are plans to have items and other scenes that would change your character as well. So while we do have plans to extend your character's looks, at the moment, the current work load keeps us busy.

Still looking into the Out of Memory error. That one is throwing me for a loop, but hopefully I can squash that bug in due time as well.

Thank you again for going through this mess, and finding all the details that I miss. I appreciate it, and certainly hope all the madness is worth it. We're building a game we hope you and others will enjoy (on a few different levels, ifyaknowwhatimean...), so thank you very much for letting us know of any issues that let us improve the game further.

Now, time to go get those bugs. Come on, Tentacle God...

Me and the Tentacle God thank you,

Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

Yeah, calculators hate RPGs sometimes. I know for a fact that if you simply cut the rats down by 1/2 to 3/4 in JP and 1/3 of their current EXP they would be fine. Also, I myself wouldn't mind waiting for another update that adds more and fixes more, but I also wouldn't mind being able to get my hands on the Forest Zone soon as it is actually just a tile warp related bug of some kind and I also wouldn't mind adding a Forest section to my bug reports so the bugs that zone may have can be fixed sooner. I know my other...well... boss for a lack of a better word, ran into the same issue many times with the tiles and fixed it in 5 minutes when they looked into it.

I plan on grinding a Succubus Knight, a Warrior, and a Paladin to level 15 each this week and see if I can take them through level 5 of the Tower with any ease. After that I will probably be making a bug post for anything related to balance. Paladin is the strongest class of the first 4 due to the regen it has if I recall correctly. Since the primary changes between the first 4 is weapons it shouldn't be an issue to test the Lamia and see how the other 2 classes handle by comparison.

Also, relating to the cosmetic things. That is fine. In fact, if I am honest, I only really wanted the blue hair the Water Spirits give you when you loose so I don't have to throw my fight with them every time to get it lol. Not to mention it is in game so probably getting added anyway to the art. I also know how hard that is. If you have 4 events that need images and 4 hair and 3 eye colors, that is 48 images.

Small thing I noticed is that I still get Lust messages but they are happening at the entrance of the tower with the 3 friendly NPCs that don't move or talk only it seems unless I am rushing to fast to see them.

...Is your partner really named Tentacle God? I think I know what some of the art will be than.