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Really cool and cute game, good job! I love how silly and random it is, yet you managed to tie it all together nicely. I also love the sounds! Not to mention the lovable artwork (especially the dodo! <3). Although the mechanic itself is not too original, but it works really well with this game and you did a great job making this game :D

Also I would really appreciate it if you checked out my entry for the jam: Sheepherd Dog. Thanks in advance! :)

Thanks about the artwork. I really slapped that together and I'm not a pixel artist... Wish I was!

I'll be sure to check your game!


You're welcome :)    Really? It looks good :)

Thanks! :D


Thank you so much for following me! I would love it if you would check out my work-in-progress Android app: Switch Run. I'm writing a devlog for it and I'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks in advance :)