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just wanted to say you have done a great job so far, very intuitive and satisfying. Will play any updates that come along on my setup, Vive + GTX 970. Its usually the first game i chuck people in when show casing VR! It almost resulted in a smashed tv the other night but never mind lol. Keep up the good work fella.

Thank you!

Luckily nothing broke - the Vive subreddit is full of smashed monitors so it can probably happen easily. I came close to breaking my HMD when I ran into a wall once!

lullzzz well it seems i spoke to soon..

Hahah well it seems i spoke to soon.. while trying my hardest last night to beat a small girl at dodgeball on rec room, i proceeded to throw the ball as hard as i could at her head... but my living room tv was right infront of me lol controller survived though lol.. hope your work is going well

Oh ... well I hope at least your hand and the Vive are OK!? Maybe try moving the play-space bounds in a bit?

Have fun and be safe! (^^)b