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Five Nations 0.79.0 604 MB from just crashed (hangs) for me in mission 4 - but ran fine up until that crash..

(IG show case version hangs from start when I try to proceed to start mission 1 after briefing)

Thank you very much for the crash report. We're working hard on the next version that addresses all the crashing issues. Stay tuned for announcements, it's planned to go out in October.

Thank you.  I am very much looking forward to that.

As such I really enjoyed the 'demo' and very much liked the 'retro' style of the game with it's base-building, resource gathering and fighting.

Personally I liked that the missions were not that difficult for a beginner of that game but I am sure that very many will 'bitch' about that.  However rather than making one difficulty then you should make more from very easy to extremely hard (like if you play 'skirmish' mode in Red Alert II) because you can never satisfy all and the closest that you can get to that is to make the game as configurable as possible when it comes to difficulty....  Ar least that is my advice always to developers...

Have a very nice day and enjoy your programming :-)

Thank you so much for the nice words and feedback, we appreciate it! Currently we've put our back into coming out with massive updates as soon as possible, so come back some time soon :).