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Rip this project i just downloaded the game and it ran at first good but then it was just a mess off fps drops and low optimization! i would not recommend playing this game or donating any couse i think this project is rather abbandoned or just lazyness. (By the way the trees look that they don't even have any lod's so that's dissapointing :/)

The project is not abandoned. It's a project I run on my own. Things will take a while to fix, as I also have a fulltime job and a family on the side. So sorry this **alpha** disappointed you. And merry x-mas ;-)

oh damn i'm sorry, i didn't know i just thought it was abbandoned couse you didn't reply to anybody whole month and didn't update it for 3 months,sorry again for my statement i just wanted to warn peapole but it became a false statement so i give you my hopes on this game!

by the way happy christmas to you too!

Thank you, same too you!

Get a good PC is a better recommendation than "don't get the game."