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At the moment, I have only the first bit open as a bit of a "beta test", to see how others would engage and find the forest. In later patches and updates, the forest will end up just as vast and challenging as the tower with different rewards. As for the Lamia, I didn't want it to be an HP sponge, but I will likely be giving it a buff in regards to def and skills to make the fight a bit more challenging if it is currently too easy. And I will not go into too much detail on it, as I'd like it to be somewhat of a surprise, but you will be seeing the event bosses again. So if you missed them or want to view them again, you'll get your chance in a future patch. We'll see how what I have planned works, and adjust accordingly.

Currently you can presume that 90% of the things in game are placeholders. From story to sprites. I'm currently working with another writer/artist to help flesh out dialog, but he also wants to help with sprites, and art, so you should be seeing that stuff added in in the near future. So, there's another thing to look forward to. We both have our work cut out for us. May the Tentacle God have mercy on our souls... That should so be a thing.

Anyways, thank you again, and if you have any other suggestions, or anything else you find, do let us know. I'll be hitting the keyboard once I get home, so you can probably expect an update on the game in the next week or so.

The TentacleGod thanks you too,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

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Awesome. With the Lamia though I wouldn't say it is to easy, it is just that with the bug that adds 100 points to every stat from the trainer I can 1 shot them. As Succubus and Warrior? It is nearly impossible.