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I just bought this program yesterday and I just tried using it today.

I made a dialogue tree that had a total of 9 pages and about 14 options total.

I imagine this is not a lot of memory since one page can have a max of 25 options.

When I was adding the final page, a message appeared that said "warning: no memory" or something along those lines and crashed the whole program.

I never got a chance to save and I could probably easily redo it in about 10 minutes, but I was wondering if things like this happen often, because if they do then working on bigger projects will be a pain.

btw, I checked the storage space on my computer and there is still 762/904 GB(gigabytes) free.

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That's... bizzare. Nobody's complained about that before. Can you email me so we can work this out? adventuredungeondevs @ gmail.com


Ya sure, I can't believe you responded within 5 hours of my complaint, thanks.


Thanks for all the help, you really went above and beyond to help me with a problem that was my fault.

You always responded very quickly and with very helpful advice, thank you again so much.