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I am enjoying it so far. Though outside of that there are some bugs that I found. Also, I am beta testing for another RPG over on jolt so that is why I found so "many". Really not a whole lot actually. This is all from female characters but they should be identical in code. Don't let the list size discourage you by the way, I am just really, really good at my job when it comes to bug testing RPG maker. Also, this is assuming the only maps in game are the Tower and City right now.

Item Bugs:

Succubus Whip items do literally nothing stat wise.

Some items don't have actual icons next to them (almost every whip but dancer that you can buy for succubus).

Shop items (armor and weapons) need a slight buff at higher prices of about 1-5 points as some items worth thousands of gold just don't do much for you.

Energizing Herb removes 12% from Tired and Calming Ginger removes 11% Lust. Sleeping in an inn removes far more for less, nearly an 8% bonus. For the same price I can get my tired and lust near 0 from max for the inn (lust removal being free). Can their effectiveness be buffed?

Class and Trainer Bugs:

Warrior has skills that need 30 Ability, but you can't get 30 Ability from leveling and are stuck at 10.

Paladin, Rogue, Lancer, AND Adventurer are so OP it isn't even funny. Trainer needs to be majorly nerfed for them because at level 5 in game you can hit for over 1000 damage if you go to the trainer and have them raise your attack and defense. Part of this is due to a coding bug. Every time you raise a stat passively with the trainer, regardless of that stat, it boosts it by 100. This is great for HP and Ability Points, but it breaks the game hardcore for other stats.

You can instantly learn every skill for free for Warrior and Succubus, the only 2 classes that actually have skills to learn currently, though I am guessing they are new.

Stat Bugs:

Sleeping can make your lust go negative.

Despite having 400 defense in every defense skill, enemies still hit for about the same amount, angered rats hit for 20 and zombies for 30, making it seem that defense is useless.

Sleeping in an inn doesn't set your tired all the way to 0%, but removes chunks at a time meaning you have to spend 100-300 gold to get it to 0. Still cheaper than the item you can buy for it and does more though.

Leveling is next to useless for some classes because it doesn't boost their ability points or health anyway making them stagnant (warrior especially and Succubus extremely). It also doesn't raise stats at all. Level 15s are the same as level 1s just with new, unlocked skills ( and maybe not even that really). This breaks the game for anyone who picked Warrior or Succubus Knight as they are useless since they can't boost their stats through the trainer, they only get skills. This makes it damn near impossible to even beat the first Imp in the game (even worse on Succubus as the whips don't give more damage).

Lust needs a slight nerf in how fast it gathers. Though I am not really sure what it does other than spam you with text boxes. Setting it to be slightly faster than your rate of tired would be perfect so it doesn't get in the way.

Mob Bugs:

More mobs need to drop more gold as the main economy seems to be selling items.

As Paladin, Angered Rats drop 200 JP each. This is way above every other mob in the game and is part of the bug that makes them so damn OP.

Misc. Bugs:

Out of memory error sometimes pops up.

Noticing the questions asked at the beginning currently don't impact the story. Probably not a bug.

Skill Bugs:

Temptation as a Succubus is an instant death for you.

Temptation and other Erogica (and Special) skills can be used outside of combat. While Masturbate is understandable (lowers lust by 10% per use), the others aren't and if you use Temptation outside of combat it gives you a game over screen.

The Succubus Skills need descriptions to tell us what they do.

Thank you so much for this! I appreciate all the effort and this helps with the development of this project. Once I get back in, I'll be going through all the issues encountered, fixing them, and adding in a couple things area wise. As of right now, Floors 1-5 of the tower, the town, and first area of the forest should be open. We have means for an arena, housing, castle, and forest/cave area to be added next. Floors 6-10 of the tower should come after. Thank you once again, and I hope you enjoy all the future stuff we have coming up.

Thank you again,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

Anytime and I asked if the Forest was in because the guard in front of the left path that I am assuming is the forest said you can enter, but following the path leads to a dead end that doesn't warp you anywhere. Also the Lamia should probably be slightly buffed on the 5th floor to have at least 1500-2000 HP. They are under 1400 right now, that much I know. Also, the Event characters should probably respawn. You could probably code it so if they drop an unique item they won't drop it if you have it in your inventory. Basically though with the current build that should be it in terms of bugs for the most part and once they are fixed they will never be a problem again so there is that. I would touch on grammar, but that is better left to actually PMs and messaging not to mention I have no idea if the script is even finalized at all or if it is just placeholder so far. Some art in game would be nice to see along with the text, but that is insanely hard and for the most part would have to be custom with 12 variety of picture for every single event due to hair and eye combinations for female and however many eye and hair combos there are for male.

At the moment, I have only the first bit open as a bit of a "beta test", to see how others would engage and find the forest. In later patches and updates, the forest will end up just as vast and challenging as the tower with different rewards. As for the Lamia, I didn't want it to be an HP sponge, but I will likely be giving it a buff in regards to def and skills to make the fight a bit more challenging if it is currently too easy. And I will not go into too much detail on it, as I'd like it to be somewhat of a surprise, but you will be seeing the event bosses again. So if you missed them or want to view them again, you'll get your chance in a future patch. We'll see how what I have planned works, and adjust accordingly.

Currently you can presume that 90% of the things in game are placeholders. From story to sprites. I'm currently working with another writer/artist to help flesh out dialog, but he also wants to help with sprites, and art, so you should be seeing that stuff added in in the near future. So, there's another thing to look forward to. We both have our work cut out for us. May the Tentacle God have mercy on our souls... That should so be a thing.

Anyways, thank you again, and if you have any other suggestions, or anything else you find, do let us know. I'll be hitting the keyboard once I get home, so you can probably expect an update on the game in the next week or so.

The TentacleGod thanks you too,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

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Awesome. With the Lamia though I wouldn't say it is to easy, it is just that with the bug that adds 100 points to every stat from the trainer I can 1 shot them. As Succubus and Warrior? It is nearly impossible.