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I've been following the game for the last two months and so, and I only wished that I found about your work sooner! I'm a sucker for detective games and I've been really enjoying LI thus far. I'm curious to see how this ends! Wishing you luck on the development! 

Possible Spoilers:

I looked at the walkthrough you recently posted and I noticed that the Painter should have dropped a Fact, but I checked my inventory and I couldn't find it even though I'm pretty sure that I found him in all the locations. Am I doing something wrong or is this something that will be added in the later Builds?   

You're completely right, This will be added in the Pre-Alpha 4.5 build (Which is being released on the 16th.) Thank you very much for your kind comment. I'm working hard to have the Alpha 1 completed & released asap.