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Hey there! I gave Purple a spin!

First off, I have to say, the level of polish on this is quite impressive. The whole visual/audio package works really well. Clean, stylish, cute; all things I love.

The controls felt pretty good, and I like the color-shifting concept, and avoiding the one color- It definitely fits the theme!

I guess overall, I have one major critique. Though I like the concept, the execution doesn't feel quite as fun as I hoped. Any time I died or fell and had to go back and re-jump on platforms over and over to make them purple, it feel more tedious than enjoyable. I know it would probably make the game way too easy, but I almost wish everything you completed "locked" to purple. There's probably a better solution than that though.

I made it to either level 6 or 7, before a big fall had me throw in the towel. I may go back and give it another spin though, the boss in your screenshots looks really cool and I'd like to see it!

Anyway, really solid entry, and I love your design sense and polish! I look forward to seeing what you do next. :)

Thank you for playing. Admittedly I do wish I’d found a way to add some sort of checkpoint system into the game which would have solved most of that problem but with the time constraints I didn’t have enough time. And I hope you do one day play the boss battle it was fun to try and design a boss for a puzzle platformer. But again thank you so much for playing