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This was a great demo, with a lot of potential. I am really looking forward to seeing the full game!


+ Great story line. Even from the beginning, you could see it. If anything, this is the main reason why I want to see the full version!

+ Developed characters. Each character is well developed and has good dialogue. This is really important, as it is the basis for the entire game. A point and click needs good characters to drive it, and this has them.

+ Smooth graphics. No lag and no glitches, which is always important.

+ Perfect difficulty level. It is not too easy that I breeze through it, and it is not too hard that I find myself wishing I had a hint button.

+ Smooth and easy-to-understand UI. It was easy to get a handle of the controls, and there was a help menu in case I ever forgot any of them that was easy to read and understand.

+ Superb audio. The different soundtracks for each character were great and a nice touch. You don't always see voice acting in video games.

+ Attention to detail. The art was amazing, I loved the cartoon characters. The inclusion of so many different languages, the music and the way the story progresses all hint to an attention to detail. While it is only a demo, you could tell that the designers and programmers wanted to make a quality product.


+ No ability to toggle running. I felt like I spent a lot of time walking through different places. While there was a way to run (double-click), you couldn't run necessarily if you were interacting with an item at the same time. It would be nice to have a setting to increase movement speeds.

+ A hint menu would be nice. I got through the demo just fine, but there was one point where I was on the verge of wanting one. If there is ever something slightly more difficult in the full version, this is a must.

Truly, the cons are not big issues and most likely will be solved in the full version. I am only being nit-picky because it would not have been a full comment to leave that section empty. I thought this was great! Really looking forward to seeing the full game!

Wow..What a comprehensive analysis you got there. Thank you for this. The full game is coming soon and we will take into consideration all the things you are mentioning.