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i absolutely love this game, and i'm totally obsessed with yiestol! i did his route first and had a hard time not automatically doing it again when i played through for the other routes. it was almost instinctive to just fall into him all over again, haha. this game kicked my depression out the window for a little bit with fuzzy bee goodness that squeezed my heart and a writing style that kept me captivated until it was early morning hours! ❤  i'm so glad i accidentally stumbled upon this  ❤  ❤ i'll probably be replaying it for a long time to come!  thank you for this wonderful game! 

Aw gosh, honestly, thank you so much for this! Your praise is so immensely kind! We're both so happy you enjoyed Yiestol and that playing our game was enjoyable for you; that's all we really made it for. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and brighten our day too! It really means a lot to us.