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Hey there how's the new build going, i was checking in too find out if you have fixed the map92 problem i had before.

oh and one more question...spoiler warning

i don't know how to get to ivan on the 4 floor as the robots are blocking my way, i also can't seem to find nasha anywhere. Oh and one more thing when you walk threw the baby door the game goes into credits, i thought you would fix it in 4.0 but its still there. Thats all, love your work.

Hi Ana,

It should be fixed though I can't confirm. If there still is an issue, I'll be doing some deeper digging after the alpha is complete.

[Spoiler answers below]

As for Ivan, if you're talk about after the robots start attack, you can't reach him. Pre-Alpha 4.1 (coming out tomorrow) will have more content past the 4th floor lab area.