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When Shiori finds out you are also dating with Nanami (I don't know if this occurs to other characters), sometimes Shiori will say that she don't want you to date with Shiori anymore. The choices after that is only "Stop dating Shiori" and "Stop dating both of them".

I like to imagine dating a half of Shiori and then the other half get jealous lol

Any ETA for v9? I would really like the afterstories, especially for Kiyomi and Nanami.

Thanks for pointing out that bug! It looks like there was a typo in Shiori's jealousy code, so it never actually could set Nanami as the person she found out about. (And since Nanami has a higher chance of triggering the conversation, I missed that during testing.) It should be fixed in the next version!

As for when v9 will be ready, I'm afraid there's not really a solid timeline yet. So far I've only written one of the afterstories and outlined two others. I'm hoping to be able to finish them before the year is over, but I don't have any specific date set at the moment. Hopefully they can live up to your expectations!

(As a side note that may hype them up a bit, the afterstories will be a bit longer than normal scenes from the game. Many scenes are between 200 and 500 words in the main game, but the afterstory that has been drafted is ~1200 words. So hopefully these stories can give an additional sense of closure, beyond the ending of the main game.)

At any rate, thanks for the comment/bug report! I'll keep your interest in the afterstories in mind and hopefully get around to those soon.

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Hype train! I found out your game in the 2017 game jam, played it a bit, totally forgot about it, stumbled back to it 2 years later and found out it now has a bunch of new things. I must say this is one of the best free yuri VNs I've ever come across. Keep going!

Will this ever have love scenes? (kissing/cuddling/sex etc)