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How to beat (6) of the  lvl's without battling. 

-Have any Hugging cat hug  Persian

-Have any hugging cat hug Old Man Marvin

-Have bred as your team-mate and have him feed Lala and Grumpy OR Have Old Man Marvin as your team-mate and have him tell Lala and Grumpy a story

-Have UwU (or any other comforting cat) as your team-mate and have them comfort Leaf

-Have any hugging/comforting cat comfort Death

-Have Bred feed Fat cat

(I'll tell ya'll more later-)

hi, if you still play wholesome cats, help me out! (or not)

have you gotten to the fields area? i have, and i can't defeat princess leaf(idk if thats correct)

have you defeated her without any physical movement? if so, could you tell me wich action it is?? ty

I'm afraid I have forgotten how- 

you might wanna try some comforting moves though.

I think it's comfort, don't know for sure though

ahhh thank you (sorry for the rlly late reply tho, lol)