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Transport Suwantec TL-1200 Shadowfire

For Star Wars Saga Edition - Made with RPG Map Editor II

Salut Sébastien,

Thanks a lot for this tool. Simple, crystal-clear, system-agnostic and the limited amount of features is in my case some kind af advantage. I can focus on the tactical aspects of the level design rather than trying to pimp the visuals. Actually used at a Star Wars Saga Edition table, the maps are simple and clear enough to allow narrative and descriptions to live on their own, without being parasited by too much on-screen details (even if I love the light effects). Of course some additional features would be great but this is a really a satisfying and hands-on approach.

Bref, merci. Et je me disais que l'interface avait ce côté mimi (-nutieux) à la Motion Twin. Hordes m'avait bouffé quelques heures... J'ai envie de découvrir enfin Dead Cells maintenant... Bravo.