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Weird. Im pretty sure its normal that maps 91 & 92 would be missing, but i don't understand why the game still refers to them. I'll into it. As for the other dialogue box, yeah that probably a note for myself that I forgot. Haha oups! ;)

Oh okay, can't wait to see what happens at the end. how long will i have to wait for?

Hard to say, which version of the game are you playing & on what operating system? (Alpha 1.0 might be out by October, nothing confirmed yet though)

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I play the windows version (4.0), do you think you can fix the glitch somewhat within the week or 2

i really like Jacob's story can't wait to continue it

P.S. love your work

I can't promise anything since most of bug fixing will happen after Alpha 1.0 is out. My hands are full at the moment. Regardless, there will be a new build on the 2nd of august I believe (With more content). Trying to get Alpha 1.0 done by October. 


It's fine don'r pressure yourself, i can wait till the next build. 

Looking forward to showing it off ;)