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I dont want to actually go into details with my issues so i keep it short.

Its ok gameplay wise, clunky but very solid.
Visual wise its very... old. And the fact that the screen is also very blurry doesnt help.

You should rework the visuals very intensively bc they dont actually match the good animations and character you have.
Its 2 seperate worlds here.

I would sharpen the entire postprocess module and remove motion blur since you already have alot of radial blur going.

And then i would fix the light, there are some lights that shine through walls, and the specular highlights of that just create odd reflections.

You really need a proper pause menu.

I can imagine this to be a great game and i feel some dark souls.

Thanks for the focused feedback.
The improvement of the pausemenu, lights, postprocess and blur are on our "to-do-list" now. But  I am not sure what you mean with "bc" :)
What would you rework exactly?


"bc" means "because".