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Spent my mornig coffee with the pre-alpha 4.0 and I'm really impressed :) Couple of small things I encountered:

- Accessing the creepy door on Floor 1 Manufacture from the north before having the Creepy key makes Beatris turn up when inspecting the door, instead of down

- After leaving the mansion there's a black border in the lower left part of the screen (I was on my way to Ivan when it happened)

-After getting the Chic key on my way back to Schmidt the transfer event brought me into the wrong room. Luckily, I could get out there with the phone. 

- When I first entered the room with the painter (Did this after talking to Schmidt but before talking to Ivan) the transfer brought me to the south wall of the painter's room. Nothing major

But all in all this is already such a cool game. The atmosphere and music are top notch as are the pixel-animations. The investigation has such a great vibe to it. Also, the interactions between Beatris and Mrs Volkov are very interesting and create a nice connection to both of them. I also love the area I'm in right now, the office full of agents. Don't want to go too much into detail here but in just 2 hours of gameplay you already have me hooked on a number of things. Wow, wow, wow!

I really appreciate you saying so! I hope the rest of the story will be just as enjoyable. I've taken note of the issues you pointed to. Some of which I'm well aware of (Notably, the transfer bug that keeps re-emerging.) Once again, thanks for playing!

PS: I'll get around to your game. Don't worry ;)