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Thank you for the kind words, and for being so involved in the little world I created in this game. 
My favorite Silent Hill was 4 for a while, until I played Shattered Memories which does a few interesting things with the apartment/home motif as well (and in that respect, Homecoming has a phenomenal segment happening in the home itself, while the rest of the game is a bit of a mess). As I mentioned elsewhere, strangely, SH4 was not a direct inspiration when I was working on the game, although I can't deny it must have been an internalized influence.

There IS something wrong about the protagonist of \SPEK.TAKL\, although the more I hear people's interpretation of it, the less I care about my own 'canonical' meaning. In fact, I'd rather never talk about it, so that the game can find a life of its own in players' minds. It also makes for a fascinating exercise in which people indirectly psycho-analyzes me, so that turns the whole endeavor into useful introspection. The themes you are listing are definitely there, though. 

Now, about the ending(s). There are three endings to the game. Watching TV is one of them, but it demands a certain time investment. The other two depend on how you decide to open the wound on the wall in the blue room. Hopefully that helps. 

You're welcome! Thanks for making the game and taking time to respond!

Now I want to play through a few more times and see if I can pick up on exactly what is wrong with the protagonist, and your hints definitely told me all I need to know to get those endings.

Thanks a lot! 

P.S. - I'm looking forward to that post-apocalyptic game you're making, too!