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Ah, I didn't know about a bigger version being made! I love the short version to no end, so I expect great things from this one.

Downloaded already! Will play it this night! 

Haha, surprise! And thank you very much!! :D I hope you enjoy it! 

Ah, by the way, are you planning on releasing Steam Keys to they people who purchased it here, at some point? I tend to favor Steam, but I didn't notice it was on there too, and purchased it here.

Do you have a twitter or discord or something where I could pm you a steam key? :D 

I'm not used to twitter and stuff, but I believe it should be enough if I tell you I'm @Kurozora_Konoi on there? Haha, sorry, I'm so bad with that XD

You've disabled messages from people who you don't follow, but if you send me a message, I can still message you a reply. I followed you, so go ahead and say hello (or follow me and I can message you myself) :D On my profile page (under the profile picture and text) is a "message" button. Sorry this is so complicated haha!

Well, I didn't even know I had messages disabled haha! I'll try to do something with that, but I'll message you anyway - thanks!