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Lots of really cool ideas here:

- The levels being pages of a book that tell the story is really unique and a really cool way to tell a story that remains outside gameplay but still stays cohesive.

- The characters being composite sprites that are individually animated allows for really neat effects (tail/ears wagging, blinking, etc)

- Having a character that follows you making it a bit more strategic

For a game that was made in a weekend, this is excellent! However if you plan to revisit this project, which I highly recommend, these are things I would consider:

- The actual core game loop is kind of weak. To me the game was "hold left mouse button over the nearest enemy until they die while moving around in circles so nothing touches me"

- Enemies dying and spawning ghosts is really neat but I wish there was more to it. I noticed that the Yetis sort of lunge at you which I think is a step in the right direction. If enemies had more diverse behavior than just "walk towards the player" I think you'd have a much more interesting primary loop. Projectiles and curtain fire patterns would be a nice way to mix things up.


Thanks for the tips and playing!   I'm most comfortable with sprite art and animation for sure, coding i'm very new to (since Dec 2018).  I'll try my best to improve~