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This is probably the strangest thing I'll ask for from a game; I wish there were instant death pits. There were quite a few points that there was such pits, but they were set up as cacti that slowed you down to the point of guaranteed death. This took a while tho, and I kinda wish your death pits would just get it over with and kill me quicker. I actually really enjoyed the game tho, and tried to play a second time with no ice (what's the point of ice?), and was kinda sad that a no ice run is impossible. Just a weird habit of mine to stretch games to their limits. As a heads up, in ur screenshots, there's like an ice bar at the bottom, but I don't see that, and I can win the level with only one ice, which was forced >=(

Still tho, very fun, and I came back for a second challenge run as proof of that. Great stuff!