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I am in love with this game! I love these style games and it's so much fun trying to solve mysteries. There are a few rough spots and glitches. A few typos here and there, 1 time I saved the game,  tried to leave Yvon's office and it just looped me back to his office and got stuck in a corner and couldn't leave. This happened in a few different spots where I'd get stuck somewhere, but luckily for one instance the phone was right there so I just used it to get unstuck. Other than those few little rough spots you've got a great game coming along here and I can't wait until the full game is out. I've played the game for my YouYube channel and I did it in 3 parts, but here is part 1 I've got uploaded. Keep up the great work!

Hi Scarlet, Thank you so much for lets-playing the game! Your enthusiasm is very appriciated, especially when the game is in such a rough shape. I'll be listenning to the two the videos in a minute. Cheers!