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Hmm.. I haven't seen that error before. After you extract the .zip file try just running "Super Voxel World.exe" from that directory. If you move it (instead of making a shortcut) it may not work. 

Check out the Discord channel as well  if you're still stuck. I'm on there pretty frequently, and others are there as well that may be able to help.

thank you i tried running like you suggested and it works i just have to go to files every single time i want to play but it works it wont let me make a shortcut though but thats ok ps: sorry for late reply i went on family trip thank you i love the game by the way.

Awesome! Glad you were able to get it to work. If you want to make a shortcut, right click on the game and click "Create Shortcut". You can then move that shortcut around without breaking the game. The app is useful as well as it will keep the game updated. I update the game pretty often with new features and bug fixes, so that may be worth looking into. Anyways, have fun!