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It has an interesting mysterious vibe. The wobbly arms are the most fun thing I've seen so far, it's an amazing mechanic - good job! I also like how the achievements stay even if you leave the page. Also the comedic moments are very nice - saving an axe is hilarious.

Is there a way to end the game? Once I got them to safety I just walked around, but couldn't find anything. 

If you intend to improve it I'll just add some bugs I found while playing. If you hold left and right at the same time on keyboard the player moves but in an idle animation(looks like he's hovering). If you throw people to safety, you don't get the achievement.  Also I would recommend choosing either wasd or ArrowKeys for movement. When I used wasd and switched to arrow keys he was moonwalking if meant to go left - I don't know if that was intended.. 

Overal I really enjoyed the game and it's an awesome entry. Good job, hope you finish it.

Cool, thanks for the feedback and bug report! I’m just glad it wasn’t anything more major. Cheers!