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" are being overly hostile man. Seriously."

Kneejerk replies make me angry.

"... That is how time is a scarce resource."

Yes, as I said three posts ago, "A 'post-scarcity society' is a society where resources are no longer scarce relative to human needs. ... That doesn't mean that every resource in that society is infinite. ... Time is just as scarce in Lancer as it is today: you get one second for every second that passes."

You could have just agreed with me when I said it and saved yourself the typing, but I suppose you were not able to do that.

"In the PDF, press Ctrl + f. A little search bar pops up. Type in 'capitalism.' It doesn't appear too many times so it should be too hard. That or 'empire.' It's there in black and white."

No, it is not. Go back and read the one sentence in the rulebook that contains the word "capitalism." You misunderstood it.

Or I might as well quote it here. Page 3: "We imagine that Union isn’t burdened by the same cultural definitions of gender that oppress and malign so many people who live under the umbrella of capitalism and empire and, as such, there is a wide spectrum of expression and identity in Union and among its constituent worlds."

What does this mean? It means "We imagine that Union citizens are free as far as gender expression and identity goes." That's all. In that one respect, the citizens of Union are free; they can do their thing.

That doesn't mean that Union is not supposed to be oppressive or imperialist. I mean, it has client states, and it compels them to send it a certain number of people each year. If the authors had really been trying to write a nonhegemonic utopia, they could probably have done a lot better than "The Tyrant, the Watcher, the Guiding Hand: Union." The bad parts are there on purpose.

(The authors also write "When writing Lancer, we wanted to create a setting where humanity is — in the narrative present — at once in a state of utopia and working to affect it," but they don't say "Union" there, they say "humanity." So you could argue that the authors wanted every single state in Lancer to be a utopia and just accidentally made a lot of mistakes while writing, but I think this is unlikely considering the rest of the rulebook.)

"Yet you want to see it stay the same, wheras I want to make it a better product for everyone. To buy.  With lots of their surplus income."

I don't disbelieve in the existence of problems, I just disagree that your specific thing is a problem. I don't hate the concept of food, it is just that I have serious misgivings about this one wad of gray-colored substance.


You assume it was a kneejerk response. Assumptions make me angry.

Time isn't just scarce in the sense that time is just as scarce doing x then as it is now. It is also scarce in the sense of what you could be doing instead of x, which was what I was getting at.

As far as your quotation of the rulebook , (which is what I was referencing and yes: I did quote that incorrectly and I take full responsibility for that. I didn't check the reference due to laziness in all honesty. Yet you are looking at what I am looking at which was my goal): it sounds like the "...cultural definitions of gender that oppress and malign so many people" could ONLY happen to those living under " the umbrella of capitalism and empire" 

Q: How is this justified? Is this oppression impossible in a communist or socialist regime? And if so, how? I suppose I should ask: what type of regime is Union? 

As far as the rest of your post, I will not disagree. And You disagreeing with me is fine. My goal is an objective one. 


On a personal note, a couple of questions:

1) Are you one of the authors?

2) Did you attend UNM?

I am curious. I think I may know you personally. 


"Time isn't just scarce in the sense that time is just as scarce doing x then as it is now. It is also scarce in the sense of what you could be doing instead of x, which was what I was getting at."

What? No. It's scarce in the sense that it is scarce. One of the things about scarce resources is that there is an opportunity cost attached to their use, but that's not something that's special about time. That is normal for scarce resources.

"it sounds like ... could ONLY happen to those living under ... How is this justified?"

So you personally have the intuition that the sentence "sounds like" it says something different than it actually does. That's fun, but I'm not going to argue about it with you.

"On a personal note, a couple of questions: 1) Are you one of the authors? 2) Did you attend UNM? I am curious. I think I may know you personally."

No, I'm not one of the authors (?) and I did not attend a university in New Mexico (???) If these guesses are any guide, your intuition is not very good. I suggest that you get a better intuition, or stop trying to use it in an argument.

You have made your lack of knowledge clear to me. You aren't an author and I am uninterested in your opinions at this point. Just know that people like yourself are the reason why more people aren't interested in systems like these. I find that after interacting with you, I am less inclined to play this system. And if you believe the BETA doesn't at the very least ask for possible improvement, that is just more proof of your arrogance.

Have a good one.