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I got strangely into that. The music was killer, and the strategy was neat, but I had so much time at the end, so there wasn't really much reason to be frugal. I survived, but then on a second attempt (looking for the ladder that I still haven't found), noticed a single lone star in the sky and decided to follow it... For a long time. Not a particularly fruitful trek, but whatevs. 

It would have been cool if there was more actions to complete, and a kinda tight timer. It also would have been cool if you could see the monster in game, and feel the nerves as you're not sure if it will make it in time. Also, you mentioned in the game desc that the monster's weakness is heat, but I didn't see anything bout that in game, maybe a missed opportunity that you've gotta learn about the monster and maybe light a heap of fires to protect yourself? Cool stuff, would love to see that expanded on

Thanks for checking out my game! I didn't have much time, only about 10-9 days, but this is what I could make in that time. I am going to add the monster physically in the game later, but I didn't have enough time for that, unfortunately. 

And also, that jumpscare screen in the end, I know, it's bullsh*t, but I'm working on it. I had to work remotely, since my computer was home, while I was not home.

Tip, first thing to do, look in the first box you see when entering the house, after something to attach the door again. 

You can also get in the hatch in the roof if you find a pole.

I will add more actions too, and some more polish to the game, since this was mostly a prototype.

REMEMBER! There are three endings to get.