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Guess you are really busy right now?

I have no idea where I can put my wish-list, thats why I'll place it here:

- Bionoms (Desert/Tombs, Swamp, Lava, Ice/Snow, Jungle)

- Can we place floor on walls, instead of firstly removing them with the walls tool?

- Ropes and better ledder/stairs  textures.


Thanks for sharing these ideas :) 

About the floors on walls, you mean that when painting grounds, walls should be removed automatically, right?

For the stairs textures, any reference image would be really welcome, so I can see what you're looking for exactly :)

Yeah. But at least I'm not the only guy who is using it so it's just a hint. :)

I used this one alot some time ago for an mmo: Ladder

Other ground textures: Textures

Your Editor reminds me on that one but for a bigger fanbase and usage.