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here is my short (but longer than expected) adventure. I didn't put 6 tasks to complete, only 3 but it was sufficient to create a short storytelling... that turns out to be close to a tale, perhaps?

I enjoyed writing this text, following your rule: 10 action points, each action decided by a 2D6 roll with a success on 7+ and a problem/lose on a double. Maybe your game could be improved by giving examples of gameplay, ideas of tasks/encounters or alternatively some visual inspirations


I’m with my friend the wolf-dog. We’re trapped into a magical forest. We don’t know how we came here. A tree talked to us: “hey, you have to find my children if you want to get out of here”. But who’s his/her children? Well, he didn’t talk anymore, we just have to find by ourselves.

(remaining action points in parentheses) [dice results in brackets]

Wolfodog decides to sniff the smell of the tree. Does he find a way to follow? (9) [dice 4+4: problem, something is lost] He loses his sense of smell. That’s pretty bad… And we have no way to follow. We just can walk randomly.

I decide to call fairies: “Fairies, are you here?” (8) [1+1] I lose my voice. It starts very badly. We are deprived of the sense of smell and the ability to speak.

We're going to look for a clue on the ground, we don’t really know but maybe when we’ll see it, it will be a guide for us. (7) [4+5] We believed in ourselves and it was a nice thing: a strange mushroom is gleaming. We approach it, and we see more of it. We follow this path for more than an hour and we start to doubt: will it lead us somewhere? Should we continue to walk following these mushrooms? (6) [2+2] Mushrooms just stopped shining. It seems we must not doubt. We try to keep going straight, even if we have no more gleaming clues. I try to remember the path that shone a few minutes ago.

The night is starting to fall, are we close to our goal? (5) [4+5] Yes. I see a constellation shine brighter than the others: I've never seen it before. I look at Wolfodog, and see in his eyes that we must walk in the direction indicated by this constellation: north. We walk, and the wind whispers "I'll help you, but you have to feed me first". Feeding the wind? Hum…

We decide to make a fire, it can create hot air movements, if we succeed. (4) [3+5] A great fire is born. It’s dancing in the wind. The wind whispers « thank you… you’ll find the children of trees inside of yourself ». If it’s inside of ourselves, where were we walking then? “You were walking towards my future home” said a voice. “You have created me. Thank you. I will warm you up. Please, absorb my heat then kill the dying coals and come back to the tree that spoke to you. Is it a request made by the fire?

Can we do this successfully? (3) [5+1] We failed. We can't absorb its heat, we're freezing. But I got an idea: I'll take the fire with me, we'll absorb its heat on the way. I put the fire on a stick –a torch–, then I put out the embers.

As we start to walk, a question comes up : will we find our way back to the tree soon enough? (2) [1+3] We wander until the morning… (1) [2+1] and the fire unfortunately died during the journey. We reach the tree, without sense of smell, without voice, without fire… and we have understood on the way that heat could feed the universal child of the tree that everyone has within them.

“Forest, we know you can hear our thoughts... have we understood? is that enough to let us go?” (0) [2+5] A voice responded in our mind: “My dear childrens… you weren’t trapped. You complained about losing sense of smell and voice, but actually you were just blind: look at the tree you talked to…” It seemed to be the combined voice of tree, wind, fire and many other elements. In front of us, instead of the tree that was there two seconds before, we saw a path, with the morning sun rising and lighting the way out of there. It was a long journey. We stopped following our follow-the-tracking and smooth-talking instincts, and we learned to listen to what is around us. Listening opens the eyes.